The horse theater Kunterbunt

To dream & marvel

The horse theater Kunterbunt has been part of the PASSION PFERD for years. With great costumes, ponies, horses and even dogs, they always provide enthusiasm.

Julia Libertyhorses

Complete solidarity !

For the first time in Hannover, the young Liberty up-and-coming artist and Instagram star Julia Libertyhorses! As if connected by an invisible bond, she shows pictures full of trust and harmony with her band of horses and ponies without saddle and bridle.

Isaora & Jezabel by Alma Vaquera from France

Tradition & Passion

Two sisters, one great passion: The Spanish Doma Vaquera! Isaora and Jezabel take us to Spain and show on a high artistic level insights into the traditional riding style of the Spanish shepherds with the Garocha.

The islandic horses

The horses of fire & ice

What would MiMaMo be without the spirited Icelandic horses? With a mixture of speed, perfection and grace, the Icelandic horse riders of the IPZV invent themselves every year anew and provide with the special gaitsTölt and race pass for atmosphere and pure action.

Melié Philippot with a special guest!

The audience favorites

Many a child dreams of having their own pony. And with a very special pony, Melié from France is guaranteed to make children's eyes light up at MiMaMo!

Hanover premiere! The Liberty junior artist Marie Desodt shows with her horse and pony rattle gang without saddle and bridle a picture full of trust and harmony.

The "Emsland Speed Rodeo" Team

It’s showtime!

Speed Rodeo! A sport that is very rarely seen in Germany, but is commonplace among western riders in the USA. Speed and quickness are required to get around the obstacles, but always in fair contact with the horse. Fascinating insights into this rare equestrian sport are shown by the show team of Emsland Speed Rodeo.

Compagnie Impulsion

Speed, Action, Adrenalin!

If anyone can make an arena go wild, it's definitely Ghislain's stunt team with his Impulsion company from France. These stunt riders are hard to beat when it comes to action and speed coupled with daredevil acrobatics!