From Belgium: Iseulys Deslé with her rare cremellos

A pleasure for the senses

Hanover Premiere! Born into a horse-loving family and traveling with the most famous companies in the world, the young French Iseulys shows her skills with her rare cremellos with perfection in free work at a high artistic level.

The Icelandic horses

Horses of fire & ice

It is impossible to imagine the program without the popular Icelandic horses! We are already looking forward to a very special mixture of speed and perfection with tölt, pass and everything that goes with the crowd favorites and their Icelandic horse show troupe!

Arien Aguilar + Tanja Riedinger

Trust & Harmony

And another Hanover premiere! Arien has loved horses since birth and it is impossible to imagine the young, innovative equestrian scene without him. His many projects testify to very profound and intimate relationships with horses as well as with people. Tanja Riedinger is just as adventurous as she is crazy about horses. In movies, with her training projects or on Instagram with NativeHorses: Two very special horse people have found each other here and joined forces for a very special premiere show for Hanover.

From Italy the Butteri of "La Bardella Maremmana

Tradition & Passion

Courageous riders, dynamic, well-balanced horses and with deep roots for old traditions, the riders of La Bardella Maremmana from Italy enthused the Hanoverian audience again and again. Also this year the Italian Butteri show fascinating insights into their work and culture with the rare Maremma horses.

The French equestrian artists "Alma Vaquera"

A delight for the senses!

Hanover Premiere! He brought the Spanish Doma Vaquera to the South of France years ago: Denis Marques. With his horse ballet "Alma Vaquera" we experience a real journey to Spain and into the traditional riding style of the Spanish shepherds with the Garocha on a high artistic level.

From France Marie Desodt

Boundless trust

Years ago we discovered Meliè with her sweet lion pony for Hanover. Since then it is hard to imagine the big show arenas of the world without her. Melié shows pictures full of trust and harmony with her horse and pony rattle without saddle and bridle.

Anne Krüger-Degener, her daughter Carla & many animals!

Pure harmony!

The shepherdess Anne Krüger-Degener, who is popular in Hanover, directs ducks or rams sitting on a horse with centimeter precision and impresses with an incredible harmony between horse, dog and human. This year we will experience a show "world premiere" with a special new show created especially for Hanover.

Matthes Röckener


Hanover premiere! Matthes is a farrier by profession, but much more known through Instagram or horse TV projects. His interest and passion for horses, which he shares with his no less famous sister Lisa, he now creates very special shows, for which a good basic training of his horses is a condition

Compagnie Impulsion

Speed, Action, Adrenalin!

If anyone can make an arena go wild, it's definitely Ghislain's stunt team with his Impulsion company from France. These stunt riders are hard to beat when it comes to action and speed coupled with daredevil acrobatics!