At the Night of the Horses, visitors experience international stars of the show riding scene and young talents, horse whisperers and true masters of the art of riding. In breathtaking perfection, passion and the love for the animal that is above all.

One of the top acts at this year's Night of the Horses is the French rider Iseulys Deslé. At the age of 11, she not only learned the art of trick riding, but also soon became one of the greatest artists in the field of free dressage and performed in shows all over the world. For the Night of the Horses, she will come with her rare Cremello horses.

Also from France is the Compagnie Impulsion, which has thrilled audiences around the globe with almost unbelievable trick and stunt riding.

Alma Vaquera presents the high art of Spanish horsemanship at the Night of the Horses and impressively demonstrates the artful use of the garrocha.

Anne Krüger-Degener has become something of a regular at the Night of the Horses. Her breathtaking performances show what people, horses and dogs can achieve as a team. Her pictures always impress with an incredible harmony between dog, horse and human.

Mélie Philippot from France began in her youth as an artist in a travelling circus. On her way to becoming a show star, she worked at the Musée Vivant du Cheval de Chantilly and at the Académie du Spectacle Equestre de Versailles, where she was able to learn from the best. She is a true perfectionist and puts a lot of work into choreography, music and costumes.

Matthes Röckener is one of the hot newcomers. The trained farrier trains horses in various disciplines, but his main focus is on ground and free work.

It is impossible to imagine the Night of the Horses without the popular Icelandic horses, who delight the audience year after year with a very special mixture of speed and perfection.

Visitors will experience this and much more at the Night of the Horses 2023.

Night of the Horses on 8 and 9 December as part of the Pferd & Jagd, starting at 7 p.m. each evening.

Depending on the seating category, tickets cost between 53 and 59 euros including all-day admission to the fair.